LH Video Services offers the Highest Quality Video Assist Services to the Television, Movie and Commercial Production Industries in the New York City area

We provide the Greater New York City area with the most advanced Video Assist Tools the industry has to offer. We Specialize in  Visual Effects Video Assist, with live Chroma Keying and single and multiple camera video assist systems. With over 25 years of on set experience , Lee Hopp and his team can make your next shoot run smoothly by getting the job done Efficiently and with a smile.

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LH Video Services is a full service Video Assist Rental Company that can provide the gear and also provide the manpower for your shoot.

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“There is nothing better for me than to see the smile on a Directors face when they know their shot will work. I have been fortunate to use my skills on Commercials, TV Shows and Feature Films.”


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“Our Purpose is to help you achieve your creative goals with state of the art video tools and expert technicians”


We provide video assist and related monitoring services to the film and entertainment industries. Our operators have years of on set experience and knowledge of the gear we provide so that the job goes smoothly. Here are some of the services we offer.

LH Video Services have Mastered these Tools!

Video Assist Operators and Packages

We can crew up your next shoot with highly trained video assist operators and put together the right gear that is needed for the job. We do TV Shows, Commercials and Feature Films.

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Visual Effects Video Assist

We have the understanding of Qtake software to give you the most efficient way of doing your visual effects live on set. It includes live compositing, mixing and wipes. QTake has great Garbage Matte features to get rid of the stands etc.. in a scene. It also allows us to playback a moving background image live while we are doing a live key.

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On-Set Monitoring

We offer monitoring services that can be cabled or wireless. Sometimes there are trying situations where the client has to be in a van that is set up with a monitor in it and the director wants to be close to camera with a handheld monitor. Our video assist technicians can set this up and transmit wirelessly to the van and provide the cable, wireless, monitors and speakers and power to do this. We also can set up monitor carts for Directors and Clients to. Recording can be an option that we can  add onto this if needed.

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24 Frame Playback to on set computers and monitors.

We can provide on set images that are color corrected on computers and TV monitors. Whether its a single monitor, iPad, iPhone, etc…to an office full of computers.

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What We Do! 

VIDEO ASSIST ALSO KNOWN AS VTR (Old school for Video Tape Recorder)
In the old days the VTR Operator used tape recorders that recorded what the film camera was shooting with a low quality camera that was attached to the film camera. Till this day the term is still used on set even though we have not used tape recorders for many years.

Our Goal is to deliver the highest quality video playback on set. We use Qtake which is the most advanced video assist system out there. We know it inside and out especially the visual effects tools. We can provide Live Chroma Keying with moving or still backgrounds on set. We have worked on many complex shots using this for TV Shows, Feature Films and Commercials. We transport all our gear to set in our vehicles so that you don’t have to worry about picking up the gear.

We are a Full Service Video Assist Rental Company. We strive to provide the proper tools for the job at hand and also have trained and experienced operators who work with our gear. If you only need to rent a piece of gear or an entire package we are here to help you accomplish your goals for your shoot.  We have wireless systems for rent in addition to our video assist packages and monitors.  We use the Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 transmitters and receivers and the Microlite HD long distance transmitters.  We have a variety of handheld directors monitors and portable recorders that can run off of batteries, that enable you to be mobile.
Using Video Assist to help visualize a visual effects shot has been going on for years.  Qtake and LH Video Services takes this to the next level in using the powerful compositing tools that are part of the Qtake Composite Room. We are able to composite live on set with moving or still backgrounds that allow us to shrink, expand, flip, flop and move the image up, down, left and right to get it exactly the way you want to see it. This is not limited to the background but both the foreground and background can be manipulated this way. I have to say that there is nothing like seeing the face of the Director when the shot works and all the guess work has been taken out. We have this tool down and are able to move quickly as we understand how it works and what the client is looking for.

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Have Van, Will Travel!

I have worked on many complex shots for TV Shows, Features and Commercials. All my gear is easily transported on carts and loaded onto my Sprinter Van!

My goal is to deliver the highest quality video playback on set!

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LH Video Services News

Latest information and happening with LH Video Service

Some of our latest Systems

"Meet Max Our 2-4 Camera Qtake System"  My daughter names all my cars and video carts. This latest cart she named "Max". Max has the capability to record and playback up to 4 cameras at a time. It's powered by a Mac Pro and is portable and rigged in the cart you see...

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Shooting in New York

I have been thinking a lot about how great it is to shoot in New York. Endless locations, great crews, food, entertainment, the greatest City in the world. Our business is growing in leaps and bounds, especially in the world of episodic TV. There are so many shows...

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“New 7” Atomos Shogun Flame Monitor/Recorder

We recently added the Atomos Shogun Flame to our rental inventory. Its a 7" High Brightness monitor that also has a recorder built in. It can record Apple Pro Res or Avid DNX files. It's a great video assist tool and can also be used to record 4K if one desired to. It...

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Face Replacement VFX

We recently did a commercial where the Director wanted us to replace one persons face with another persons face. One of the great features of Qtake is that we can do live chroma keying and also cut out a garbage matte to place one thing into another. As you can see in...

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Why I Chose a Mercedes Sprinter Van?

Working in the field as a Video Assist Operator I observe what works not only for myself but for other operators in the field. Most of us to one degree or another have worked out of a van and or a mini van over the years. Some had lift gates, some had ramps, shelves,...

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Our Work


Lee Hopp/Owner Operator

In 2007 I went on a quest to find an HD video assist system. I went to Las Vegas 2-years in a row to see the latest in HD recording devices at the NAB show (National Association of Broadcasters).

Both times I came up empty.

But in Dec of 2008 I came across a new system that could do VFX (Visual Effects). I emailed the contact information on the webpage and within five minutes received a phone call from Mark Pederson

of Off-Hollywood here in New York who is the North American reseller of this new system.

We spent the next three months perfecting this system so that in 2009 at NAB we could show it to the world. The ride for myself and Qtake HD has not slowed down. It’s inventor Vladislav Struhar has made the most advanced video assist tool available. He continually improves on the system and brings new features on a constant basis.

I myself love using it because it allows me to be involved in the creative process by helping my client see what they have right there on set. Since I have been using it from day one I know what it can do.

There is nothing better for me than to see the smile on a Directors face when they know their shot will work. I have been fortunate to use my skills on Commercials, TV Shows and Feature Films.

Please check out the Client/Project List and feel free to call me (917-838-3956) or email me LH@LHVideoservices.com.

Best, Lee Hopp

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